Vine Private Care

At Vine Management, our Private Care Service is a clear reflection of our dedication to preserving the independence and comfort of our clients. Within the sanctuary of their homes, we offer a harmonious blend of personal care and homemaking services. Central to our approach is the guidance and oversight of a registered nurse, ensuring that each service is dispensed with the utmost quality and safety standards. Choose our Private Care Service to experience attentive, individualized care designed to elevate everyday living.

Personal Care (ADLs):

Homemaking (IADLs):


Care Management:

Getting Started

Initial Contact:

Reach out to Vine Management through our website, phone, or email. We’ll provide you with an initial overview of our services and answer any preliminary questions you might have.

Personalized Consultation:

Schedule a no-obligation, complimentary consultation. One of our experienced care coordinators will meet with you and your family to discuss specific needs, preferences, and any special requirements. During this consultation, we will review payment options available to determine the best financial route for your care. We will also discuss and establish available caregivers, ensuring a holistic understanding of the potential care environment to complement existing caregiving scenarios.


Our registered nurse will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the potential client’s care needs, considering both skilled and non-skilled requirements. This detailed assessment will encompass understanding the client’s medical history, daily routines, preferences, and any specific concerns. Depending on the needs identified, we may recommend a referral to additional providers for specialized or more complex care, ensuring all needs are aptly met.

Care Plan Development:

Based on the comprehensive assessment, we’ll craft a tailored care plan. This plan will articulate the specific services required, frequency of visits, and any other special instructions. The care plan will be designed to address the unique needs of the client and their family, and it will also take into account any caregivers already involved in the client’s care, ensuring a harmonious and effective caregiving environment.

Matching Caregivers:

Based on the care plan and the client’s preferences, we will select and introduce the most suitable caregivers. Our priority is ensuring a good match in terms of skills and personality for both the client and the family.

Service Agreement:

Once the caregiver match is approved, we’ll formalize the agreement with clear terms including the services to be provided, schedules, and payment details.

Commencement of Care:

After finalizing all the details, the chosen caregiver(s) will initiate their care services according to the agreed-upon schedule.

Ongoing Monitoring & Feedback:

Vine Management believes in maintaining the highest standards. We will regularly check in to monitor the quality of care, ensuring consistent excellence and gathering feedback. Adjustments to the care plan can be made if necessary.

Support & Communication:

Our team remains available for any questions, concerns, or changes in care needs. We are dedicated to ensuring an open line of communication for peace of mind and optimal service. Through every step, Vine Management ensures comprehensive care, tailored to the unique needs of each client, with an emphasis on collaboration, communication, and utmost care quality.

Part of our GAFC service includes regular and as-needed assessments of the member’s overall health and care needs by our nurses or case managers. Our home health aides also report any concerns to the nurse that may warrant an additional visit. This system of continuous assessment ensures that each member’s care plan remains up-to-date and responsive to their changing needs.

If a need for additional services is identified, our nurse or case manager will make the necessary referrals and assist the member in setting up these services. These additional services include but are not limited to:

Furthermore, we work closely with each member to secure the necessary approval from their health insurance provider, ensuring our services are accessible to those who need them most.

At Vine Management, our goal is to provide consistent, comprehensive care and support to our members at home, fostering independence, health, and an enhanced quality of life for each individual, without the burden of additional costs.