Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) caters to eligible individuals living in their own homes, with care provided by professional staff hired through agencies like Vine Management. On the contrary, Adult Foster Care (AFC) is provided to individuals residing with a caregiver, who delivers daily care alongside residential services. The caregiver’s work is overseen by professional staff such as nurses and care managers hired by the agency.

Yes, as long as there is no overlap in services. For instance, if you’re receiving skilled services through a VNA but not home health aide services, you may be eligible for GAFC. If your VNA is already providing home health aide services, GAFC wouldn’t be an option, as that would be considered duplication of services.

No, family members are not allowed to provide care to their relatives under GAFC. Professional staff like nurses and case managers are not restricted from caring for family members.

You can review the eligibility criteria outlined in this document, or you can reach out to your health insurance provider to ask if GAFC services are covered under your plan.

Under the GAFC program, an individual can receive 1-2 hours of home health aid per day. Additionally, a nurse or case manager will make monthly visits for continuous assessment.

No, there are no specific residential qualifications to be eligible for GAFC services. Prior to 2020, there were housing requirements, but these were eliminated during the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes were made permanent.